Work together to achieve China Dream, fortune talents here we are. That forms the theme of Ruihua. With concept of learning by doing, devotion and integrity, Ruihua is leading China CPA into a new realm by its knowledge and technology plus its fundamentals of idea of conducting business, preciseness without a bit of slothfulness or relax in any efforts. 

In order to execute the requirement from central government to serve the nation through the construction of integrity and to put the strategy of being bigger, stronger and more internationalized into practice, and for the purpose of speedup the reform in CPA industry in serving financial service sector, RSM China and Crowe Horwath China CPAs merged together to form a new accounting firm called Ruihua CPAs. We shall be the best example in achieving goals of large in size, diversity in service, global reach, computerized in operation and well-recognized in market.

Ruihua CPAs has revenue of RMB 2.8 billion in 2012, staff over 9000,among which  2600 are CPAs and 23 of them are leading professionals. We have 306 partners and many of them are holding the membership positions in Ministry of Finance, CSCR, SASAC and CICPA. Among Ruihua’s major clients, more than 40 of them are state-owned enterprises or under direct control of SASAC, which include State Grid, CASIC, COSCO, DFM, CITS, SNPTC etc. and over 340 listed companies like CSIC, Huayi Brothers, Hisense. We have also a number of high profile clients in A+H share or A+S share business, like Angang, Datang, Zhongxin Pharmaceuticals, NEE etc.

The word “Ruihua” was taken from a Chinese phrase “Auspicious of China Dream, elegant and talent professional”. “Rui” indicates trust as good as jade while “hua” means shining from both sun and moon. Together “Ruihua” carries implication that people in Ruihua CPAs shall build their career ambitions with the realization of China Dream.

  “Integrity, Profession, Responsibility and Creativity” are the elements of Ruihua Spirits, and “Serve the country with our profession, serve the community with heart in a way of stuff get developed” are the missions Ruihua carries. Our core values are “People, Integrity, Profession and Ethics”. We have our business planned in a full range, practiced by high standards, developed through a dynamic drive, led by advanced technical skills with a good supervision of risk controls. We are proactive for business diversity and talent developments. Computerization is playing more and more important role in our routines and a well-reorganized brand image shall always be our ambition in making our establishment across the China. 

Ruihua shall break the line of annual fee income by RMB 3 billion in the coming two years, the goal set by Ministry of Finance, and in the next five years, the estimated annual fee income for Ruihua shall reach RMB 6 billion. Our goal is to have Ruihua diversified  in the areas of audit, consulting, appraisal, and statutory service and have its footprints in all developed countries.

“Keep up our excellencies and build up future with joined hands” voiced out Ruihua’s drive. We have glorious past and are determined for the bright future. All our experiences and gains have composed a melody of outstanding accountants and, with input of coming opportunities, a symphony of China Dream shall be of tremendous vigor and pleasing with Ruihua Dream echoed to the rhythm. Ruihua is on its way!



                                                                                                                 Managing partner:Yang Jiantao

                                                                                                                 Chief accountant:  Gu Renrong

4F, Tower 2, No. 16 Xisihuanzhong Road, Haidian District, Beijing, P.R.C.
3-9F, West Tower, China Overseas Property Plaza, Yongding Men, Dongcheng District, Beijing, P.R.C.